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NERKİZ AKÇURA was born in China. The artist graduated from Istanbul University, the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, the department of Business Administration. Mrs Akçura started her art career on Turkish Art, specifically on miniature art, by  taking classes from Prof Dr Suheyl Unver (Prof of medical history and art history of Istanbul University) and received her certificate on miniature art. The artsist’s scope of interest was not only limited to miniature art though. When she met Ahmet Yakupoğlu (a well-known Turkish artist on oil painting), his works inspired her. After that, besides miniature art, Mrs Akçura started to make her first oil paintings and also participated many workshops in that area.  Since 2001, the artist has been working with naive impressionist style with other artists.

Many of her works were used in art magazines and scientific journals. In the project of “Atatürk’s Houses in Miniature”, Mrs Akçura’s works were displayed at various cities of Anatolia by the Istanbul Governorship. At the end of this project, her works were given to Anıtkabir (where the Atatürk’s tomb is). Later on, these works of her were compiled in a book and published.

She has been giving classes on miniature art at Caferağa Medresesi ( which belongs to the Foundation of Turkish Culture and is located besides Saint Sophia in Sultanahmet) since 1999. Besides, in her studio flat, she has been making modern oil-paintings as well as paintings with impressionist style.

Awards :

2017 The Nittoten Award, First Prize, by her work called ''Hayalimdeki İstanbul” (İstanbul I dreamed of), Tokyo

2016 'monstrated by her work called ''Istanbul'da Zaman'' (Time in Istanbul) during the exhibition held at Tokyo-Machida Museum of Graphic Arts. The best art work was chosen by the public.

1991 she attended to  the competition of “The Year of Yunus Emre Exhibition”  which was founded by  Yunus Emre Foundation  / worth to exhibit



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